• I like plain that doesn’t distract from the dog. Great!

  • I don't plan on submitting because Luna is gone and Riley is not a LD or GD but if I were to choose... this is my all time favorite portrait of Luna. :)  She was very photogenic.


    • Luna was gorgeous!


    • I so agree with Laurie.  She was beautiful and a doodle!

    • I don't see why Luna can't be in the calendar. I say submit and take your chances. You and Luna were active on DK for many years and Luna was such a unique looking Doodle. Riley can also be in the Lotsa Doodle calendar. 

    • Agree too.

    • I agree with you Laurie... I say submit...

  • Hi I would really like to submit this photo but I need help with the eyes.  Can anyone help.  Thank you!


    • Hi Linda, I can try to edit. Send me the original, un-edited, uncropped photo to Jewel is blown out on the one side of her head and I can't fix that, but I can try and see what I can do. 

    • Hi Laurie  - Thank you.  I have sent the photo to your email.


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