• Submitting this shot of Teddy, my Toy Goldendoodle.


    • Very cute of Teddy!!

    • Good shot.

    • Thanks....I now take mostly videos, it takes too long to get him to sit still.  Easier to take videoe...and then take a snapshot of a still.

  • I am submitting tonight.... stick a fork in this calendar season, it's been a tough one!

  • I have submitted my photos.  I wanted to give thanks to Laurie Arnold for all her help and to DJ for offering.  I truly appreciate all the comments, remarks, and help this group has to offer!  Good luck to everyone.

    • Good luck, although you probably don't need luck because you have some really nice photos.

    • Thanks, Joani! Always happy to try and help. Good luck!

  • I look at Pippa and see her on the beautiful ocean's is Skadi on the Lake beach...I was going to ask if mine was too plain...3558250546?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • I like it!

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