Our redheads are smart and sassy. Share your thoughts and experiences on red and Apricot doodles
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Gorgeous Redheads!

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  • Thans. If anyone had a similar puppy - I have an open discussion at my profile site.3367123636?profile=original

  • He’s really pretty. 

  • HI! I'm new on Doodle Kisses. I have a friendly male puppy Goldendoodle F1B, born on November 3, 2018, apricot coat.3367123441?profile=original

  • 3367025137?profile=originalHeres a picture of my F1 Golden doodle Jack. I don't know if he will stay Red but from pix of his parents both were mainly. Jacks pictures of mom and dad are in my page my photos as well. I love looking at the pictures here.

    Does anyone have Jacks twin?

    I would love to see what he may look like as a big boy? Hoping curls come-so far we have swirls hehehe.

  • 3367020599?profile=originalWe have 2 red Goldendoodles.

    Finnigan is 10 months and he is a medium size Goldendoodle. Poppy is a 14 week old Petite Goldendoodle. We named her Fiona when she first got home but changed it to Poppy

  • Thank you!  We love the little beast!

    Here is a better pic, using a real camera and not my phone!

    He just turned 5 months old.


  • Adorable!

  • What a cutie!!

  • This is our 4 1/2 month red/apricot Australian Labradoodle. 

    So much fun!3366818922?profile=original

  • Sending you a message about finding a doodle, Krista.

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My little redhead

We picked our puppy at 7.5 weeks after temperament testing solely based on temperament , but I was secretly so happy that this little redhead (most were not reds) was the perfect dog for us!  This is Dante.

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Will she change?

My girl, Gingy, is a red F1 Goldendoodle.  She has these new side bangs coming in and they are much lighter than her other hair. I know this breed is notorious for changing but do you think my pup will? She is 18 weeks. We named her because of her color and I love it so!IMG_9644.JPGIMG_9642.JPG

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