A Different Sweet Potato Treat

We grow our own sweet potatoes.  After the frost we dig them (Haley loves to help).  They come in sizes from finger size to as large as an average man's forearm.  Haley gets the small ones from time to time until they run out.  The huge ones would be good for sweet potato pie, candied yams, etc. which we don't eat.  I got the brilliant idea to make treats for Haley.

I cooked a couple of the giant sweet potatoes in the microwave and peeled them.  Then I cut them into chunks and put in my Kitchenaid stand mixer and mixed them until no lumps remained.  Then I added a couple of cut up bananas continuing to mix until smooth. 

The next step was to use a cake decorating tool to quickly form them on parchment lined baking sheets.

3364175165?profile=originalBaked these in the oven for 3+ hours then finished them off in my dehydrator for several hours.  (The sweet potato/ banana mixture is a consistency that does not lend itself to dehydrating without the oven baking.

Haley loves these "cookies".

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  • Thanks for the recipe!

  • I like it!  I've been trying to only give Monty treats that I make at home, this is a different twist without meat, putting it on the things to do list!  what temp did you set your oven?

  • These look great! And should be fine for just about any dog, even those with food sensitivities. 

    • Thanks Karen
  • I will have to try this. I dehydrate sweet potato chips for Max, his only treat since he is ultra sensitive. I suppose I could just use sweet potatoes but I might try a small amount if banana & see if he tolerates it. Are they crunchy after dehydrating?
    • No, they are not crunchy. I'd say they are more rubbery. Sort of like Indigo Smokehouse Treats.
      Next time I am going to try them without the banana and see what texture I get.
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