Dog treats made simple

Dog Treats.  I think many of us think holy crap we need a recipe, I dont know what to do.  Well I dont do recipes very well so I'm gonna just give you an idea, you can create whatever you want.  Feel free to add something awesome or stick to the basics, it really is not difficult, these are treats, not a main staple of dog food, so be creative, throw in other ingredients that might be an enticement for your dogger. Maybe some green beans, or fruit they like?

Sharon Schorr Korzeniewski i make shrimp treats, salmon treats, the last time i pulverized chicken liver and gizzards..OMG never again for the liver!. i use eggs, flour, pureed carrots or sweet potatoes for babies (buy the jars) . pul
rverlize them, squirt them out with a cake decorator onto baking sheets, bake for a few minutes. If you have never done liver, be warned. i nearly threw up several times. Not for the faint hearted, however when I was i done I had many months of treats for my dogger.

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