Recently bought Andis Ultra Edge AGC Super two speed Clippers. Also got a one inch attachment comb but want a longer look. I only sizzored cut Jake my labradoodle that died about six months ago. Now we have two Goldendoodles and thought maybe I could speed up the grooming process by getting clippers. So even though I cut Jakes hair for nine years I never used a clipper. Little nervous. It seems like the two inch attachment combs are a little hard to find. Does anyone know where I could get them or does anyone have any advice on getting a little longer look by using clippers?

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  • Did you find the 2" attachment? I wonder if I could find one for my groomer!

    • I never did. The one inch looks nice on them. Not to short but not two long.


  • How do you like those clippers so far or have you not tried them yet?

    I've been scissor cutting Riley because I like the longer look (I keep her about 3" long) but if I could find a really long attachment comb I might clip her instead.  It would be a lot faster, she's a big girl and it's a lot of scissor work!  I just use my hand as a length guide which speeds things up but it still takes a few hours spread over a couple days and even then I miss spots.

    • I am about to use them. I might just do a sanitary cut with the clippers and scissor cut them. I like the loner look also.

    • I always liked the longer look but since we have two doodles now I needed to cut back on my grooming time. So instead of sizzor cuts the clippers are amazing!!! With that one inch attachment it is the perfect length and done soooo fast. Would take forever to sizzor cut Jake. It always looked good but would take like three days to do because we would get tired. Shortening the grooming process was what I needed to do with two doodles  and clippers with the comb attachment was my answer. I really wish I would of bought these years ago. Try them is all I can say. Will give you and Riley more time to play ball!

    • I might do it even if it's just for the body.  It takes me a few hours spread over a few days to scissor cut her and even then I still see spots that I'm not satisfied with.  I might be able to cut it down to one day and have it a bit more even. I'm torn though because I really do like her coat quite long (it's about 3" right after grooming, I like it best at about 4-5" though) and so does DH.  I think she is cutest when she is quite fluffy.  I just have to keep up with the brushing.

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