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  • Luna is absolutely gorgeous!   Mine arrives tomorrow evening and i cannot wait!

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    This is our new puppy, Luna, F1b doodle.  She was the calmest puppy in the litter, and she the sweetest and easiest puppy to care for that I've ever had :) My first goldendoodle. I admit, I was hoping for less curl, I think she'll be more poodle like than I hoped for, she was the curliest of the little.  But she was so sweet and poised, there was just something special about her :)  I'm not sure what her adult coat will be, it seems to vary so much. (love seeing all the pics!) Any thoughts?

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  • Picked up Geronimo Rex from our breeder and are so in love!!!
  • mine little girl will arive on April 6.  we are so excited.  her mom is 37 lbs and her dad is 45 lbs and i cant help but wonder just how big she will be when she's an adult!  cant wait til she is home!  oh, still no name yet!  ugh  

  • Lynnette....your f1b your doodle is a golden, it could be English Golden which are bigger bones with blocky heads....
  • Rudi is an F1b golden-doodle and when we came to us at 8 weeks he was 8lbs. Now at 5 months he is 45lbs. Such a loving pup!!
  • We pick up our f1b puppy Wednesday. She currently weighs 8 lbs 4 oz at 7 weeks. I'm so curious to find out what she will look like as an adult. Of course we will love her whatever!
  • I am wondering when the front sharp fang teeth will fall out. Hudson is an F1B Mini Goldendoodle with a 30lb Goldendoodle mom and 4lb Poodle dad. She is currently 17 weeks old...

  • Gosh, I've not commented in a very long time. Wilson turned the big Five in December and we love him to pieces. Best of luck to you with your baby. If he's anything at all like our Wilson, you'll have a long and wonderful life with him.

  • Been lurking here for a couple weeks and love all the info. We bring home our little boy this Sunday 2/24/2013 :D

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Ginger is now 5 months old

Ginger is a F1b and just turned 5 months old. I keep looking to see if I can find a doodle with a similar coat to hers but have had a hard time of it. I think she is going to be a  wavy to curly fleece coat. I would love if someone with experience could chime in on it. Her caramel shorter hair is much thicker than the longer cream fluff. I welcome any comments.2DEE8EF6-FF10-4CB4-BC39-FAC668400031.jpegDA445454-47CB-4DD7-A56A-EB7A5A6CAEFC.jpeg3CCC6426-9439-4E3B-9A68-FF98709A9DE0.jpeg

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Question about F1b coats

Hello. We will be bringing our puppy home in January and was wondering if anyone has experience with an F1b whose coat was "straight" as a puppy? I'm hoping he gets shaggy/wavy. I really want him to get doodly, but not too curly! I also wonder if he has the facial furnishings that end-up very doodle-like? I will try to attach a pic. The breeder contacted me last night and said the boy on the left is ours (we got last pick).Any insight is appreciated!! :)image.jpg

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Hi everyone..Bo had been shaking his head like crazy so I looked at his ears and the R one was red and sore. So I cleaned his ears out and gave an antibiotic. Lots of wax came out and eventually his ears returned to a nice pink color. Well now he's back to shaking his head so I just cleaned them again. His ears are still pink inside, no redness. So what could be making him shake his head this time? Also his hears had an odor before I cleaned them which I know could be a sign of an infection,…

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Meet Ruby

We are new to this group and thought I would introduce Ruby and F1B English Goldendoodle.  She is 7 months old lives in a small town in NE Oregon.  I also have her half brother a one year old Bernedoodle.

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