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  • Foster Families

    26 members Latest Activity: Mar 18, 2014 A place to discuss, share and educate. "There will always be a lost little dog somewhere that will prevent me from being happy" But not today…

  • VOLUNTEERS: Doodles & People with Disabilities

    26 members Latest Activity: Jun 3, 2015 Volunteer opportunities, working with Doodles and People with Disabilities

  • Does Your Doodle ........?

    372 members Latest Activity: Sep 5, 2016 Discussion, Advice & Answers
    to - Why does my Doodle do that
    funny, quirky, odd thing?

  • Doodle Anxiety, Fear , and Mental Health Issues

    155 members Latest Activity: Oct 23

    Do you want to help your dog overcome fear issues and anxiety? This group will present ideas for socializing your doodle, calming fears, and…

  • Heavyweights

    185 members Latest Activity: Mar 26

    For those of us who have doodles over 65#!! Bigger can be better!!

  • Training - Experiences, Challenges, and Mindsets

    1303 members Latest Activity: Nov 29 This group provides a "safe place" for members to share their experiences with training, celebrate "big and little successes" and gain insights as we…

  • Only Doodles

    64 members Latest Activity: Jul 9, 2016

    For owners of just one doodle.  Tell your story, why you have one and why you probably won't be adding another.


  • Swimming Doodles

    146 members Latest Activity: Jul 10 Doodles who love to swim

  • Trick and Treat! (aka Shaping)

    137 members Latest Activity: Dec 12, 2017 A place to learn tricks and maybe brag a bit! The goal is to have fun AND build the foundation of a good family pet by shaping fun behaviors which…

  • Hunting Doodles

    20 members Latest Activity: Feb 24, 2017 This group is for all who are interested in hunting with their doodle. We can exchange training tips and stories.


    655 members Latest Activity: Sep 8 DON'T THROW OUT THE DOG ... Behavior group for discussion & finding solutions to food or toy guarding, biting, house training, destruction,…

  • Shedding Doodles

    128 members Latest Activity: Jun 26

    For those of us who have been blessed with doodles who shed. Or, for those who have allergies. New members who want to read testimonials--Get The…

  • Minerva Doodle Family

    16 members Latest Activity: Oct 1, 2016 This group is for anyone who got their doodles from the Stoltzfus family in Minerva, Ohio. Please join us as we find the siblings to our lovable…

  • The Doodle Fitness Group

    143 members Latest Activity: Jul 4, 2016 For doodle owners to share information on how to keep doodles physically and mentally fit, whether it is working on a favorite trick, running on a…

  • Doodle Debate Club

    245 members Latest Activity: Jul 28, 2016 A group for debate on controversial topics. WHILE THERE ARE RULEs OF CONDUCT, A THICK SKIN WILL BE REQUIRED. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • The Food Group

    1907 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    Everything you need to know to make the best food choices for your Labradoodles and Goldendoodles!

  • Doodle Grooming

    2064 members Latest Activity: Nov 14

    A place to discuss grooming issues.

    A chance to ask a professional groomer for advice.

    A place to start discussions that will be of…

  • Health and Medical Issues (for our pets)

    761 members Latest Activity: 18 hours ago

    This group is a place to discuss any and all health and medical issues related to our pets. We can have in depth discussions here. All discussions…


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