Bully Bones?

I see that the Jones Naturals catalog has bully bones and various similar chews in it?  Jones Naturals is on the recommended treat list.  Does anyone give these to their dogs?  I am looking for safe bully bones and can't find any in my local stores.  Anyone get Jones Naturals bully bones or are there others that you recommend?  My local store only sells some that are from foreign countries which I do not want to buy.  My pup really needs something to chew besides nylabones.  Thanks! 

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  • Some of the bully sticks and tracheas on Bentley's website say they are sourced from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico (and some don't say where they are from).  The ones I saw in my local store were also sourced in Argentina and Brazil which turned me off and I didn't want to buy them.  They are Red Barn Naturals brand.  In looking at the Red Barn Naturals website, it looks like a good company with safety and quality controls.  They started in the U.S. and Canada and eventually bought a plant in Paraguay and also have a plant in Kansas.  Anyone know about them? Maybe I can just buy locally.  

    • The problem with Red Barn is that some of their products are fine, and others are not. They have had some recalls over the years. That's why they are not on our recommended list.

      A lot of beef is raised in South America. When you're dealing with a responsible company, that's not a problem. Bentley's does vet all the sorucing of the companies whose products they carry. To date, there have been no recalls and no contamination found in any of the chews sourced in South America and sold through those companies.

      However, we all have to do what we feel most comfortable with. 
      If you can find the Jones brand bullies and other chews locally, that would be a good option.

    • Okay, good to know!  Thanks for the info!

  • I buy most of my chews at Bentley's or at Kreiser's. I find Bentley's prices and selection better, but there are certain things I can obly find at Kreiser's like lamb tracheas. There are no brick & mortar stores near you, but you can order online:





    Dog Bones & Chews - Free Shipping At PetStuff.com
    Dog Bones & Chews - Bentley's Pet Stuff Food Promise: No by-products. No corn, wheat & soy. No chemical preservatives.
  • There is a store in Freeland WA called the Healthy Pet, is that anywhere near you? It looks like they may carry some of the better chews.

  • Do you mean bully sticks? Bully sticks or "bullies" are not bones. They are actually steer "pizzle", which is a nice way of saying steer penis. A lot of the brands on our treat list make bully sticks, and they are fine. Most of us here have given them to our dogs. I use a lot of Jones Natural chews. 

    There are stores that only carry food, treats, and chews that are sourced and made in the USA or Canada. Most of them are nationwide, and some have online oredering and delivery. Bentley's, Kreiser's, and Pet People are three of them. Any of the chews they carry are safe. 
    I like beef ligaments and tendons, beef tracheas, backstraps, and braided bullies. These are all available through the stores above and lots of others, sourced and made in North America. Our treats list also have some of the reliable brands.

    • So lucky that our neighborhood store a few blocks away doesn't carry anything from overseas.  Makes buying special occasion treats there a lot easier :)  If only I could find a treat that actually motivates Riley... she doesn't think with her stomach like Luna did lol.

    • Thank you Karen.  Yes, I did mean the bully sticks or pizzle.  I will check out the sources you listed.  Unfortunately, Freeland is on an island and I live on the next island over! My pup, Nellie, is having to spend the day alone for the first time (9 months old) and she needs just a little more to tire her out. (I only let her have chews when supervised). She is doing great so far, but we are only on day 3.

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