IBD Diagnosis: Food recs, etc

Hi there! Just left a long string in the Medical issues group as Teddy has received an IBD diagnosis. The GI panel results indicated cobalamin and folate are slightly low. Pancreatic lipase and TLI elevated. Findings are consistent with small intestinal disease like IBD, dietary hypersensitivity, small bacterial overgrowth, and others. They are recommending we begin a novel protein or hydrolyzed protein diet trial that has a lower fat content, starting vitamin B12 (either by injections or oral supplement), a good probiotic (he's on VSL), and folic acid supplement. I currently feed Teddy a home cooked diet but am now leaning towards a "regular" dog food to control the IBD. In addition to peace of mind with knowing where ingredients come from, I am worried whether Teddy will "like it as much" and gobble it up like he does the home cooked brew. Any recommendations/thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you!

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  •  Teddy‘s appetite has continued to be wonky and he even began turning his nose up at favorite foods like peanut butter and canned pumpkin. Yesterday morning he woke me up being violently ill and threw up nothing but bile. I brought him to the vet and they ran several tests – turns out he has pancreatitis. They gave him a shot of Cerenia and gave me pills for the next four days and said he needs to be on a low-fat diet. Dr also said it doesn’t seem like he has a bad case since he doesn’t seem to be in any pain and he got a full physical. Let me know if I need to move this string to medical issues but now I’m feeling at a loss for what to feed him. He’s still turning up his nose at many of the dry foods I’ve tried and I’m not sure if this is due to the loss of appetite or if he’s just being picky. I do know I have to get him on a low-fat food and thinking  about how to do that with a novel protein diet has got my head spinning.  Dr also reminded me that since Teddy never got a biopsy that IBD diagnosis isn’t a concrete one. So now I am second-guessing whether all of his issues over the last year Have just been due to pancreatitis and not IBD? Would pancreatitis cause low levels of B 12 and folic acid?   Those were the results from last year the doctor said were indicative of IBD. Any recommendations for what food to try, treats that would be low-fat and yummy, and advice for life with pancreatitis after the Cerenia prescription runs out would be much appreciated. Oh, Teddy is currently eating Zignature-  we’ve tried several because he kept turning up his nose after about a week - goat, guinea fowl, and most recently trout and salmon. Thank you, thank you!! 

  • Karen - Teddy has been off the metrozidanole and is still on the Royal Canin hydrolyzed protein diet - he is doing great. I've got him on weekly B12 shots until the end of the month when he will go monthly. He gets his daily probiotic and pumpkin/green beans mixed in his food. I did buy a new protein Zignature bag of food but am hesitant to switch him because he's doing so well. Is there any harm in keeping him on the Royal Canin or would you recommed we try to get him back on the Zignature? Thank you!

    • The day after this string Teddy refused to eat the Royal Canin anymore. And I had just bought a brand new bag! He has never been a picky eater so I was very surprised and thought maybe it was a good time to move him back to the Zignature. I had previously purchased a small bag of the catfish formula. He went through a small bag of that with no real issues and literally as we were finishing it off he decided he didn't like it anymore and stopped eating it. So with the next bag I got the guinea fowl formula. He's had a few meals where he's eaten very well and, again, no real issues - but this morning he left about 1/3 of his bowl. I sense a pattern. I hate blowing through proteins like this so I don't want to change his food again, and common sense tells me he won't starve himself and that eventually he'll eat but it's been very distressing given that I know he's very food motivated. Is he just being a brat and I just need to stick with the current formula - assuming it doesn't start making him sick? I've also always used a fresh pumpkin topper which he still seems to like. What to do???

    • I'd stick with the "flavors" you have already tried. He is not doing this because any of the foods are making him sick. He's doing it because he has learned that if he starts acting like he doesn't like his food, he'll get something new and interesting. The pumpkin topper is fine. 

    • Thanks, Karen- that's kind of what I figured but I'm just not used to seeing him NOT eat. So weird for him. But then again, he does love people food and I used to cook for him so he probably knows what he is missing!

    • I'm so glad to hear that he is doing well. 
      When you are dealing with IBD, you do whatever you have to do to keep it under control. if that means feeding something that is less than wonderful, so be it. Maybe when he's been stable for a few months, you can think about trying to switch to Zignature, but right now I would not change a thing. 

    • I love this advice.  Murphy (IBD diagnosis via endoscopy) has been on Royal Canin for years.  I never, ever give him anything but hydrolyzed food (including treats) because I'm terrified of another flare.  I do in the back of my mind feel bad because our other dog, Guinness is able to eat the Honest Kitchen with my cooked chicken (he has had two episodes of pancreatitis so everything is low fat).  I often feel like Murph knows that he's getting something different....he licks Guinness's empty bowl.  When I feel this way I "yell at myself" and remember that I should be so grateful that the IBD is totally controlled now and that Murphy feels really good.  That is a gift because he was SO ill at the time of the diagnosis.  I have some foods that I really love but they really bother my stomach....so I don't eat them.  I hate feeling sick to my stomach, so it's really a no brainer for me.  I kind of feel that it's the same for our dogs.


    • OK- that makes me feel better! And down the line assuming he continues to do well, would you try and switch him back to the Zignature? I am happy he's doing well but feel bad because I know Royal Canin isn't the best quality...

    • I know people who are feeding hydrolyzed protein Rx diets who, prior to the IBD diagnosis, cooked their dogs' meals and would never have dreamed of feeding even kibble, let alone an Rx kibble. You just can't feel bad about it, because it may be saving his life. 

    • Nancy, all of the Zignature formulas except one are single protein LID formulas. :)

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