This group is for those of us with puppies or dogs who look far more like the Golden or Labrador halves of themselves than the Poodle half. This group is for us to recognize the Poodle traits that shape our dogs while sharing experiences.
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    • It's hard to tell at his age because his coat is still very short. Our Luna's coat looked a bit like his at that age and ended up straight on the legs but a bit wavy on her back. Lots of pics of her up on my profile page.
  • Hello! Do you guys think my Charlie, who is going to be 4 months tomorrow, will doodle up? Can you see signs of facial furnishing? She is an F1b Goldendoodle. Mom is a 50lbs Goldendoodle, dad a 25 lbs poodle.
    • I think she has furnishings for sure based on how much hair she has on her muzzle. She will likely have the "scruffy" look I think. Cutie :)
    • Thank you for your message!!! I love how all the doodles look! But the fact that their coat keeps changing and that facial furnishing sometimes doesn’t develop until later, can keep us so curious about how they’ll look when grown up ❤️! So much to learn from everyone and their furry family members! Cheers!
  • Luna is a F1 mini golden doodle that looks more like a mini golden retriever. Her dad was a 12 pound red poodle but you would never guess that looking at her
  • Remi is adorable.  Here are two photos of a labradoodle we fostered.  When I saw her puppy pictures, I would not have thought that she would look doodley as an adult, but she does.3367125287?profile=original3367125196?profile=original

  • Still hoping she’s at least straight hair/shaggy

  • ANY generation can turn out looking more like a retriever. Pippa, below, is an F1B. They are mixes and they do not breed "true", regardless of generation. 

  • You were not explained about F 1 etc. F1 is first generation, F1B and up is what you wanted. They are second generation and up. F1 can turn out looking more Retriver.

  • Yea I feel like Remi is wider but very similar to pipper. While we love Remi no matter what I’m hoping you’re right and she will surprise us. We love the doodly goldendoodle look and was one of the reasons we got one. Thank you both for your input! 

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Crazy Tailed Puppy

Hi All,New member here.  We recently brought home our Labradoodle Ronnie (short for Veronica) and she is awesome.  Mother is a poodle and Dad is an English Lab.  She doesn't look like she is very Doodley and hasn't any facial furnishings but has a wave down her back that gets a little wider every week and a crazy curly tail.  I have looked at pics on this forum but haven't seen anything similar.  Any idea how her coat may turn out?20190508_105842.jpg20190508_105834.jpg20190423_104028.jpg

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Will my pup grow facial beard/facial furnishing?

Hi All!This is my sweet pup Daisy!! She is my first doodle (an F1 standard goldendoodle pup). She is absolutely wonderful!! Shes 12 weeks old now. I was just wondering if anyone with experience can tell me if you think she will grow a facial beard/ facial furnishings? She just looked so much like a little retriever in the beginning and I THINK I am now starting to see evidence of her "doodling out.  Thoughts? She still does not have a facial beard, however. Does anyone have any educated…

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No doodle in my mini goldendoodle

We got our new puppy Levi- 12 weeks old last week and he is the best puppy for our family. He is a mini Goldendoodle and doesn’t look as doodled out  as his siblings...although the breeder assured me he will “doodle” out... thoughts? I have attached a few photos....BB83FB49-E738-4299-ADD1-D1E6A789FA3E.jpegED4A297A-845E-462A-90D7-E8B00808E590.jpeg

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