Labradoodle Rescue

Labradoodle RescueIf you want to get a labradoodle, you have two basic options: 1) Buy a puppy (or adult labradoodle) from a breeder or 2) adopt a “rescued” one.  I have done both and have had wonderful dogs from both sources.  Having adopted two of my labradoodles from rescue organizations, labradoodle rescue is close to my heart.

Why is Labradoodle Rescue needed?

The labradoodle is a fabulous mix of a dog.  It has become very popular because of it’s fun-loving temperment and good looks.  This popularity is sometimes unfortunate because more and more labradoodles are ending up in shelters and with rescue groups.  This is often the problem when a breed becomes very popular.  Labradoodles are real dogs, not the ‘living teddy bears who need no training’ they are often misrepresented to be.  They need training and care just like every other dog.  They are also not all hypoallergenic (no dog is) nor are they all non-shedding -- that varies with each dog.  Finally, because they are so popular and generally cost quite a bit, they are often bred irresponsibly by backyard breeders, puppy mills, and your friendly neighborhood family who means well but doesn't really know the breed and aren't always committed to the lives of the dogs they own or the dogs they create.  They just see an ‘easy’ way to make money.

Because of this the need for labradoodle rescue has increased.  Two national doodle rescue organizations have stepped up to the plate and have been saving and rehoming labradoodles all over the United States: IDOG Rescue and Doodle Rescue Inc pull labradoodles from local shelters, take in dogs from owners who are no longer able or willing to care for their dog, and do much to help find forever families for homeless labradoodles.  They do this via a network of foster homes and other volunteer workers who love this mixed-breed dog.

While those two labradoodle rescue organizations are the best way to adopt a dog in need of a home, you may also find an adoptable labradoodle via  You can search your zip code for poodle and quite often such a search will yield poodle mixes like labradoodles.  Sometimes doodles are mistaken for other breeds, though, so even a generic search for dogs near you might lead to finding your dream labradoodle.

Is Labradoodle Rescue right for you?

Keep in mind that although a lot of perfectly wonderful and healthy labradoodles end up in rescue through no fault of their own, a rescued dog sometimes comes with baggage.  A rescued labradoodle may have health problems if they came from a poor breeding or have behavioral problems from neglect or lack of training.  Behavior and training issues are generally solvable, but just don’t expect to always find an adult dog that is perfect ‘out of the box.’

If you decide to get a Labradoodle by the rescue route, you will no doubt be rewarded by the love of a dog that is grateful for your commitment.  Start placing applications with labradoodle rescue groups right away!  Most rescues will select a home from accepted applications before they even list a dog for the public.  And sometimes the right labradoodle ‘match’ for you may not be found immediately.  So if you wish to adopt a labradoodle and you are the sort of person that gets satisfaction from helping a dog in need... get your application in to the labradoodle rescue organizations immediately.

Good luck in your search and happy doodling!


Labradoodle Rescue Organizations:

Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc.



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