Puppy Madness

This is a group for all those with Puppies under 2 years old. I thought it would be a good time to get to know one another, share fun moments together, as well as the tough training moments. We puppy parents must unite! If your pups under 2, JOIN!

When does it get easier?

Potty training was improving but now he has diarrhea idk what cause it because he was doing just fine! The vet said he looked good. We brought home a seeet cuddly puppy and now all of a sudden it’s like he’s possessed. He nips and bites at everything, he doesn’t listen when I call his name anymore and he takes shoes and as soon as I find a toy to replace the shoe with he starts running away from me! 

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    Lol all I can say is I'm glad I'm not the only one going through that. Potty training is getting better, but a couple times a day he goes crazy peeing where if I don't take him out about every 20 minutes he has accidents. But the really bad thing now is the jumping and biting. And we totally have the shoe thing going on too.
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      Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie

      How long have you had him home?  Have you had a fecal at the vet? If not, you should take a sample in. If so, take another sample to be checked. Lots of doodle puppies have parasites. What was he eating when you brought him home? What are you feeding him now? Did you transition the old to new food?  Are you giving him treats?— perhaps too many?  Are you giving him chews?  Rawhide, bully sticks? They can often cause diarrhea. 

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        Shelly Gouvas

        I ask the same question. When will it get easier?????? We were crazy in the head when we went to the breeders. I wanted a miniature  Goldendoodle  and of course my husband wanted a full sized doodle. Went to look at a miniture Goldendoodle. I fell in love with her the second I picked her up. In the corner crate was a chocolate Goldendoodle and my husband was drawn to him. He is a salesman. My mouth dropped to the floor when his pitch starting on landing a good price break if we bought two. Of course he got his price break and I got two puppies to train at the same time. Its really crazy at my house because also have a in home daycare with five kids. I just keep telling myself it will pass as everything does.