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Welcome to -- thanks for joining this fun, friendly, and informative community of labradoodle and goldendoodle enthusiasts. On you can discuss all your doodle questions and concerns, share your frustrating and heartwarming stories, and make like-minded friends with others from around the world. We have a discussion forum for bringing up your questions and topics of discussion. We also have a blog section where you can keep a log of your doodley experiences, thoughts, and inspirations. There are also numerous special interest groups you can browse and join to focus on the doodle topics you have most interest in. With over 10,000 members, you can bet someone else can identify with your experience, offer a listening ear, or help guide you to the right resources! Our members frequently get together with their doodles for 'doodle romps,' help out in doodle rescue, and generally have a ball talking 'doodle.' So don't be shy...jump right in, but FIRST, read through these helpful guidelines to make your experience an excellent one !

1) Please read our Community Guidelines -- it is your responsibility as a member of DK to understand our community guidelines and keep up to date on any updates made to them.

Watch our Front Page Tour of Doodle Kisses to help you navigate our site.  While neither video is very long the tour is broken up into four videos.  Please note that the front page has changed in its organization since these tutorials were made, but if you at least watch the first and second video you'll get the general gist of the site =)
"Front Page Tour Part 1" 
"Front Page Tour Part 2"
"Front Page Tour Part 3"
"Front Page Tour Part 4"

3) YOUR PRIVACY: Personalize your personal profile page and share a bit about you and/or your doodle.  You may keep your profile public or private it's up to you!  Public vs. Private Profile...which is right for you?  Learn more about this option here: -- don't forget that all of Doodle Kisses (except for your page if you make it private) is visible to the public.  So be careful about sharing personal information (address, telephone, email, etc) publically.  If you need to exchange email, address, or phone number with friends, send them a private message. 
Another thing to keep in mind is that DK is a public site.  Except for the private sections of the site, anyone can look in and view discussions and pages.  So if you don't want your full name then you can change this on your settings page.  The URL of your page also contains whatever name you signed up with--but you can change that from your settings page. 

4) DISCUSSION FORUM: This is the place to ask questions!  Use it lots!  But before posting in the main forum, please search our past discussions--your doodle question has likely already been asked and answered in the past.  The forum archives are a wealth of knowledge...  Use it for all it's worth!  If you can't find what you're looking for, by all means post in the forum :-)  It's okay to ask a question that has been asked before, but just check in case your answer is right there =)

Now when I say "Search" the past discussions, I don't mean physically go through all 270+ pages of discussions. What I mean is to use the "Search" box, on our Forum page, by typing in a word related to your search.

For example, if you were wanting to know how to keep your puppy from nipping could search for the word: nip, nipping, bite, or biting and that would find past discussions that contained those words.  For example, if I search for nipping, I get 167 results (see below).  In the results you'll see quotes from the latest response, but focus on the circled area to read the title of the discussion.  If the title looks to be on the topic you are seeking, click on it to open it and read the discussion.

Remember that the forum is for asking questions and starting discussions...if you are simply sharing a glimpse into your life or a story about your doodle that does not require a discussion...use your personal Blog to write it.

5) WRITING BLOGS:  If you have a personal story or want to share a glimpse into your life you can either start a discussion in the forum or write a Blog.  But try to keep off-topic sharing to Blogs as our discussion forum really should be for questions,  discussions, and doodle-related announcements. Blog  is short for web log--think of a blog as a public diary or journal entry.  It's your chance to share your experience or thoughts when you don't expect answers, advice or a discussion in return.  You may still get comments, but please use the  main forum (or one of our groups) when you have doodle questions or want a discussion.

If you have questions about how to navigate on doodlekisses, please read through our FAQ page first.  In the event that your question is not covered by any of the answers or links, feel free to ask in the forum.  Or if it is of a more personal nature, ask me, Adina, the site administrator!

I send out weekly updates so you know the latest fun things going on at doodle kisses including contests with fabulous prizes and more!  To be sure that you don't miss out on these e-mail updates, add the following two emails to your address book so they don't end up in your spam folder: and -- and be sure to LIKE our page on Facebook!

7) In the event you miss an email update, important announcements are always in the forum, usually under the "Announcements for Members" category but sometimes in the main doodle discussion category.

8) Finally I want to let you know about our store.  You can buy doodle calendars and other fun Doodle Kisses products at our Café press store:  25% of our annual profit from all sources will go toward helping Labradoodles and Goldendoodles in need (via donations to shelters and/or to DRC and IDOG Rescue Rehome Resource).

Have fun and post lots of photos of your doodle(s)!!!


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