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Doodle Kisses is a free site for it's members and will always be a free site for you. But as you might guess, it takes considerable time and money to run a site like Doodle Kisses.


No matter how naughty some of you are, we won't ever require membership fees of our members. But we do want to give you an opportunity to give back to Doodle Kisses. The reality is that in order to keep things viable we need your continued support. Help keep Doodle Kisses the wonderful place it is (you know clean floors, fresh water, lots of kibble) and available for free to anyone with an interest in our favorite dogs.

We have created a Doodle Kisses "subscription". You can choose your own price, and you don't have to subscribe at all if you don't want to. If Doodle Kisses is valuable to you, subscribe. If it's not, don't. This is NOT a requirement of membership. It won't earn you extra privileges or notoriety. It is all optional and is your response to show your appreciation for what happens here daily. Your contribution will help pay for the expenses and time invested in making Doodle Kisses fun and successful. And by the way, our most expensive subscription option is about the same as the cost of a People Magazine subscription. Doodles are WAY more fun and interesting than JayZ and Beyoncé, right?


If you love Doodle Kisses and all the fun, socializing, and information you can access here daily, please consider a voluntary subscription. We have also added a non-subscription payment button where you can support us with any other amount you wish - as often as you wish. We suggest using this one if something really cool has happened because of Doodle Kisses. For example, you met your life partner (furry or otherwise), you sold a puppy, you adopted a doodle, you found a wonderful breeder and your dream doodle, or whatever. If you ever want to say a special thanks, this is an option.


Use the button below to choose between five different monthly subscription levels or the one-time only / non-subscription payment.


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One Time Payment - Give as much as you like, as often as you like!


Thanks for your support in keeping Doodle Kisses wild and free!
Adina Pearson
-your fearless Doodle Kisses admin


PS. Also, remember that 25% of all Doodle Kisses profits will go to doodle and dog rescue organizations so if we do miraculously become multi-thousandaires...doodle rescue will do pretty well too :-)