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  • You two are both soooo cute! Great picture!
  • Thanks. The yard is "full" to say the least (cattails and weeds are a nightmare because it is like nature on steroids) and 6 months of the year it is buried in snow LOL! I am just sad that my Japanese Maple in the background didnt come around this season, it used to be so full, I think it may die. :o(
  • What a beautiful photo! Abby is a doll and your yard is making me miss the green an awful lot...lol. Desert living has nothing to compare to that!
  • It is amazing that after her haircut she was so much lighter.
  • Yes thats our yard. Thanks! LOL! I was having a hard time getting a shot, she loves to lay in that cedar and wouldnt sit nicely beside me so I had to pick her up - then DH was laughing that she looked like a baby giraffe - all legs. LOL
  • Beautiful yard. Abby looks a lot lighter in this photo. Is she getting lighter? I'm wondering if Finn will too.
  • What a beautiful photo! Is that your yard? It's gorgeous! What a great mother-daughter shot! I think she has your eyes!
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