Newest addition, Zane

And then there were four...... Left to right Mya ,Aja, Shea, and newest addition Zane.....

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  • I crated him the first two nights ,then I put the crate away. Zane sleeps beside me on the floor on one of the big dog beds. No accidents,chewing or far!!! Good Puppy!!

  • Hes from Michigan and his family all worked and he was crated most of the time. He lived with an older Mastiff that just laid around and Zane is still a puppy. Hes 7mo. old and almost as big as Shea. Hes a Labradoodle and the rest of mine are all Goldendoodles. Hes got curley hair and a shorter tail. He s starting to grey on the legs and the top of his head.Hes going to the groomer tomorrow so we'll see how he comes back. Loves me and follows me everywhere.Hes at my feet now and the others have crashed in the family room.They were all out in the snow. 16 paws of snow!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tell us about Zane

  • Congratulations Lynette. You've got Four

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