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  • What a cute Baby Haley!  He has his unique look then too.

  • Awwww.  Love this photo.

  • Awe thanks I will look into that. Cooper be 4 months next week. I am so Looking forward to pass these "toddler" months because uh oh it gets stressful at times haha . I will look later how to try and post pics thanks for the link. You welcome to look at my pics and maybe tell MW what you think or is it just me who thinks like your puppy haha
  • Haley was 4 months when this was taken.

    Instructions for inserting photos:  http://www.doodlekisses.com/notes/index/show?noteKey=Inserting_Phot...  Hope it helps. 

  • I tried to add a pic but don't know how lol
  • My cooper hair looks so much like your puppy when he was little .... Yours has more facial but cooper is only 3 months now...I love the look of yours. What you think
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