Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

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  • I think Bubbles is the nick-name given to the painting which was 'lifted' in Pears' advertising of the soap. It rather suits the little boy with his luscious crown of golden ringlets 'though. Finn's equivalent nick-name would have to be Skimpy, Nightie or Tangles. I'm not sure if his coat was always this daring, or if it's an attempt at a summer-coat, but it seems mighty thin. If he's molted, I'm not sure where the molt went. It must have just lifted like a dandelion puff and floated away in the breeze whilst I wasn't looking. Looks like someone's thrown a slightly too small lambkin fleece over him and the velcrose will only just do up under his belly. He dare not leap for fear it will burst open, revealing pink, mottled pig-skin underneath!
  • Yes, both Bubbles and Finn are one tear-drop away from the chocolate-box lid!
  • HA! I didn't even notice the bubbles till just now...couldn't figure out why this little boy has the name of BUBBLES of all things he could be nicknamed.
  • Absolutely yes! Aren't you clever! Look, Bubbles' and Finn's body posture are almost identical, and look at the matching, slightly woeful, confused little eye-brows. All Finn needs is a bubble to wonder at!
  • is THIS who you're talkin' about?


    Cracked me up with "slightly wounded" -- LOL
  • LOL! Well, the pictures you've hoiked up don't really cast LLF in a very good light, but yes, actually I think you're right. LLF is far too arrogant and pompous looking. In retrospect, Finn is more Bubbles, from the 19th century Pears Soap adverts! Humble, innocent and slightly wounded!! (Look at that eye-brow!)
  • These british references! I had to look the little lord F and found these pics:



    So I'd say... FINN is way cuter than LLF
  • Adina, don't you think this looks like a whimsical oil painting? Little Lord Fontleroy!
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