Meeting my new puppy

This giant puppy was only 8 weeks!

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  • This is the first time I've seen baby Rosco photos!  He was adorable...and BIG!

  • OMG he was huge. I love the expression on Rosco's face in this picture. He looks so noble!
  • His breeder is much shorter than I am so when she brought him out I though he was practically a sasquatch! He weighed 10lbs per month till 8 months.
  • Just found this photo. He was HUGE at eight weeks!
  • LOL... what does he weigh now!!!! What darling and a big boy.
  • You are scaring me Adina! You mean to tell me that my little 2# 2 week old Gaston is going to grow into THAT size in 6 weeks! OMGosh Rosco was a TANK of a pupppy!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE the look on his face!
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