Dakota Splash Dog

Dakota testing his talent as a Splash Dog!

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  • Great shot! This looks like so much fun. Dakota looks like he is serious about it.
  • Thanks!! Check out the art cafe group and see Linda did with my photo!! Awesome!!! Yes--Splash Dogs and Dock Dogs can get very click'ish/ We experienced more of that in dock Dogs actually. And 14-5 is outstanding for the first time out!!! We also had some Labs that just sort of "fell off" the dock but we would cheer them on and encourge them!! We also had some people fall off the dock. We would laugh at them, and fortunately, most of them laughed with us!!!!
  • That is a great shot. Murphy did "Dock Dogs" once when it was close enough. We weren't planing on doing it...just watching... but people made fun of him. So we did. He did great. Jumped 14.5 ft! Some of their labs wouldn't even jump.
    The guy that took 3rd in nationals lives not far from me, but he didn't offer to help. We live on the water, but have alligators so no dock diving here.
  • Great picture! Love the expressin on Dakota's face. I would love to get my dogs involved in this. This photo made me think of Joanne's doodle, Spud. He doesn't jump out very far but boy does he jump high and he looks like he does it with such joy. I agree with Linda, share this in the photograohy group!
  • That is one GREAT shot!!! Bravo!!
  • What a fantastic action shot! You should show this one off in our Photography group! :)
  • Dakota's personal best is 14'8". He embarassed us last spring with a 9'6" jump --he was still carring his winter weight gain (83 o pounds vs his summer weight of 70 pounds!!) If you are really interested in Splash Dogs, send me a private message and I'll share all that I have learned . . . there are training tricks that we are having trouble mastering. They might be more effective if you apply them from the beginning . . .
  • We found out too late that Splash Dogs was in town and probably wouldn't have entered him since he had never been on their dock before. splash Dogs does allow you, for a fee of course, to practice your dog in between their competitions. so, he was a prt of the 'show' but did not actually compete. He will next time they come to a commutable location--it is soooo much fun!!
  • Was Dakota part of the show?
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