Dakota dock diving!

Dock diving is the only way to do summer!

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  • Sorry about the vet bill ... but the pic is awesome!
  • Poor thing?? That would be me!! I just got home from work and my boy attempted to do back flips to greet me! I had to hold him down until he calmed down. The vet asked if he recovers as quickly as a day when he hurst his strained muscle. Unfortunately he recovers in about 5 minutes. She gave me tranquilizers and I'm trying sooo hard NOT to use them, but he makes it challenging!! after saying all that I must add that I adore him as does his "Daddy." We're pretty sure he's a contender for "the happiest dog in the world!" I love your dog story by the way. I wanted to get a second dog--I've always had two. But, my husband was hesitant and now I'm afraid that any window I had is probably closed.
  • Oh poor thing!
  • It only looks like he's putting on the breaks!! Not putting on the breaks IS his problem! He is now recovering from a muscle strain and I'm recovering from a $300 vet bill!
  • I like how he's sorta putting on the breaks...WOAH what have I gotten myself into...the water is about to crack!
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