Jack & Kona

gimme that!

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  • Love this, sharing a bone....or waiting patiently....?

  • Wow. Dumbledore - Gandolf. Perfect. He does look just like the handsome, wise, experienced guy. I love it!
  • Joanne, I always say he looks like Dumbledore or Gandalf! The Wizard Doodle!
    I don't know how wise he is, though...my DD, who lived in the South for a while, often says, "The ugly stick missed him, but the dumb stick got him twice"!
    And yes, this is one of his two lab girlfriends who we met while walking in the neighborhood. She is 13 days older than Jack!
  • I KNEW THIS WAS JACK. He changes sometimes with photos but this time I was able to recognize him and make the right guess. How nice. Curious? Are these your neighbors labs that you met while walking Jack?

    When I look at Jack these days he reminds me of Gandolf the Wizard or Professor Dumbledore ( Harry Potter ) Jack -- the handsome wiser doodle we will all someday have with our goofy puppies. One we all look up to an admire. The dog who has been through so much but has grown, matured, and excelled from these experiences.
    If doodles could--they would go to Jack for Advice. .
  • Love it! Two gorgeous dogs!
  • Mine! No, mine! Noooo ....
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