Beans - 6 Months :)

Even with a "shaved" bridge (Grrr!), our Beansie is a handsome little Dood :) What a gift he has been/is!

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  • Well at least they only shaved his bridge!  My groomer shaved the entire nose to look like a Schnauzer.  (Needless to say, I won't be going back there again!)  It's been a month and it still hasn't grown back.  But you're right, they are adorable no matter what.  I just miss that funny curly messy doodle nose and face.  Beans is gorgeous no matter what!  

  • What a face!
  • Sandy, thanks!  I enjoyed looking at Maxwell's pics!  Beans is taking "swimming lessons" :) when it warms up a bit/perhaps May.  Hope he takes to the water like your sweetie Maxwell :)
  • Beans, you are indeed one handsome Dood :-)
  • Kim, hi!  You read it right... he doesn't care to "sit" for a photo op :)  Would rather be chasing birds/squirrels :)
  • He looks angry.  Super cute!
  • Thanks, Lynda.  2nd groomer in a row.  Even with shared pics, scissor instructions, etc.  Fell on deaf ears :(  I don't get it, but neither did they (tip :)  Would LOVE to feel confident with a groomer/find one that has a lot of satisfied "Labradoodle" clients!  Beans loves everybody/groomers :)  He's non-discerning :)  He's so light furred/skinned on the bridge that it makes him look "bald" in that area once shaved.  Perhaps I'm just being too annal/picky.  Would love to see more fur/curl there though :)  The last two times I've been to this particular groomer (by the way... love everything else he does!), he's spoken of clients getting upset/going to someone else because their doodles had to be completely shaved because of mats.  Warning!  Warning!  Warning!  LOL!
  • Absolutely darling photo of Beans.  Who shaved the bridge?  IT will grow out doon.
  • Hi, Lisa!  Everybody's doodle is perfect, I know :)  Beans is the perfect dog  for us, so full of beans/personality!  Can't keep my hands off him, and he's been known to go the other way once spotting my advance!  LOL!  He's an Australian Labradoodle (mini :)  (Mix of Labrador Retriever/Poodle/Cocker Spaniel :)  Now, I'm off to check out your precious dood :)  Hope you have a lovely weekend :)  Carla
  • Aw, thanks Lisa and Laurie :)  He's wanting so badly to be outdoors right this minute but everything is covered in yellow/pollen.  Beans already has red eyes/runny nose.  It'll be a couple of weeks before we're not covered in it.  Hoping for rain to wash it away!
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