Beau playing ball.

Beau playing ball.

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  • Gorgeous coloring...what a beauty!

  • So Precious!

  • Sounds like you're having a lot of fun at your house!!  And he has Charlie to bring them back so...just sayin'..

  • Oh he is getting so big Linda! How much does he weigh?

  • I'll bet they are great fun to watch play. I never thought I'd want more then one dog at a time until Finnley, and then finding this site. Looks like more is better !

  • Thanks Sheila.  He loves to chase balls, but his brain is having trouble kicking in to bring them back.  He loves to chase after Charlie when he is retrieving, but cannot keep up, so he drops down on the ground and waits for Charlie to come back to me and then he attacks Charlie trying to take his ball.  He is definitely learning what it is like to have a bigger brother!  It is a lot of fun.

  • Oh Linda, this is just a sweet picture.gtalk.1AF I really hope that it is a tired Beau, and that it's not just him posing like the best puppy in the world. Cause if it is I'm gonna be very jealous, and pout ! lol

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