Big Drink

Big Drink

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  • Beautiful!!

  • Thanks for the nice comments.. This picture was a about a year ago when he was 1.

    He weighed about 25 Lbs at 3months and 60 Lbs at 9 months.. He is holding out at 80 Lbs these days.. (He was around 75 lbs here..lost 3 Lbs of hair when he lost his big puppy coat).

  • Gorgeous boy!  Yummy

  • Big Doodle Boy, Beautiful... My boys weigh in between 87 & 95 pounds of Doodle Love



  • That is one big beautiful dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He is sooooo beautiful.  Do you remember his weight at 3 months?

  • What a gorgeous boy!

  • How old is he and what type of Doodle.  Do you remember what his weight was at 9 months.   Oh and he is a great looking Doodster!!!

  • He is BEAUTIFUL!! He looks alot like my girl she weighs 101, trying to get her weight dwn its not easy she loves to eat lol He is a very good looking dog! ( ;

  • I love this picture.  What a fine looking woolly mammoth of a doodle Chester is here!

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