Blue stick #1

This has always been one of Halas' favorite toys. He's had it since he was a few months old.

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  • Nicky,

    Maybe they DO SHIP THESE TO IRELAND!    { perverted giggles }

  • Oh Thank You Nicky.  I was beginning to think I was becoming a Dirty Ol' Lady!   See, I told you guys last week in Yappy Hour!!
  • I've been looking at this for days and I'm afraid I definitely have a dirty mind!!!  So glad to see I'm not the only one lol
  • I'm glad it was able to bring joy, even if it was if the dirty mind variety. That's my favorite. Sounds like I missed a good Yappy Hour last night!
  • Joanne, I have to admit you did make me laugh.  I have not seen this at any of our pet stores. :>)
  • My mind is washed~  So remorseful.   Leslie, hope you know I was having a silly Yappy Hour moment.  Halas brought me a laugh and we all need one of those from time to time
  • I think someone needs a brain washing, they have a dirty mind.  :>)
  • :)   Whew.  So glad you did not hit me over the head with it.......
  • RJ, if it is, he can keep it.

    Jennifer, it used to have fabric through it, but that went away long ago. But the blue stick lives on.
  • I'm so sorry, but that was my first, and second thought, and I had to ZOOM in to take a real close look!
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