She was going bananas right before this shot.

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  • Fantastic photo!

  • Incredible photo.
  • Great photo.  I love the A&W root beer hat :-)
  • UGH!
  • Cedar is(as are all doodles) is soooo photogenic.  She's a handful though.  On the trip, she ate some cow poop and chased it with a dead, dessicated mouse all in the span of 5 minutes.  Of course, it all came back up in the car about an hour later :oÞ
  • I really like this pic, the black and white and just the soft blue of the shirt is lovely. I can see this in a simple frame on a wall.

  • Very nice!
  • This is such a sweet picture. Love the touches of color and her expression.
  • Another lovely photo!
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