Charlie at school

Charlie at school

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  • Lovely doodle and great bed. Please consider joining the DIY group and sharing your projects.
  • It's awesome! You should start an ebay dog bed business. There is nothing this cute out there! I haven't done any sewing since the kids grew up but I might just dust off my machine and give this a try.
  • I understand about coffee! I made the cover that you see. The bed came from Costco and I just recover it. The children like to lay on it to read. I put a zipper in it so it's easy to take off and wash.
  • Whoops...I meant bed (not bet). I think I need more coffee.
  • This is so great! Where did you find that awesome bet?
  • Oh My GOSH! I LOVE his badge!! What a good doodle!!! Tori would flip beng around so many people... She's very excitable LOL
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