Cooper in his new RuffWear backpack!

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  • Oh, Coop takes the trail in stride! He has been hiking since he was a baby! I used to carry him a lot last year because he was still too young to go very far, but this year, he is loving it! It is truly his favorite thing to do!
  • Yet another great photo!! How is he on the trail? Talking about noises, sounds and the like? Does he take it in stride, or do they take him aback a bit?
  • Way to go, Cooper! You look so handsome in that outfit - and you're so self-sufficient!
  • He is packing doggie gear! He has his own water and bowl and treats and coat on board! Of course, I still had to carry his boots in case his paws got sore and he needed them! But it was nice for him to carry some of the weight! :)
  • Cute photo... is he packing doodle supplies or human supplies? Love the pics, looks like you had a great time!
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