Cooper & Toby

Cooper & Toby

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  • Thank you Debbie! :) His friend eventually gave up! Haha
  • Aww, cute!  Waiting patiently..."Hey, Cooper, is it my turn yet?"...

  • Joani, his friend Toby is CRAZY about fetch and he'll do anything to play fetch. He'll even leave his bone for Cooper :)
  • LOL LOL very funny!

  • Awww.....what good friends!

  • Oh and that WAS Toby's bone, we went over to his house. :)
  • Actually that's Cooper's BFF. They both are very good to each other. They were trying to play tug of war with it but it was so slippery. Lol so they took turn chewing on it :)
  • Uh oh.....don't know if I want to see what's next!

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