Day at the Beach

As always, Thank You Mike Kendig

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  • That upper left photo is a great shot!
  • Man those are some legs!!! Looks like a really fun day Joanne!
  • LOL......sorry Joanne....I think you're pullin my leg!   (p.s. - I AM tall....but truly shy n' wimpy!)
  • Carol, you are not the first to say I sound tall.   I'm really a wimpy shy girl, but I have been told when I am typing I sound ==well like a big b$$$%  Tall Girl.  I'm actually pretty shy.
  • Wow....that's alotta leg!'re a little peanut!   Why did I think you were tall?   You "sound" tall I

    guess!   : )

  • LEGS--Here is a picture before she really grew into her body.  Check this view out


  • Spud is an English type Golden so he is shorter in legs and torso.  So next to each other she looks even more leggy.

  • Yes, Starlit is all legs.  TALL.  She is a leggy thing when her hair is short.

    And yes, Spud jumps continually and very high.  He has jumped and cleared my head--I'm 5'1"

  • Is that tall black goldendoodle Starlit?  The jumping doodle is just a fantastic shot.
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