Dogs are NOT allowed on furniture here...but...

Sometimes a QUICK snuggle is required!

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  • I can't believe how big he is! He looks very, very comfy.
  • There's no dog on the furniture...he's on you! LOL
  • Mindy does the same as Rufus. On Thursday we invited her upstairs because dad was gone!!!! When we were about to fall asleep she just doddled down the stairs. She's so NOT a rebel!!!!!!!!!
  • Rosco would normally start rolling himself on the couch (I know from those rare moments I have had him come up) but this time he lay perfectly still savoring the precious moment.
  • Rufus is allowed on the love seat and that's it. He will not get on any other piece of furniture, and if invited up is very uncomfortable and can't wait to get down. I know this is weired, but he makes up his own rules. LOL
  • You adhere to the same "rules" that we do! Oski's not allowed on the furniture but sometimes we pull him up onto your our laps (he's too big to fit on one lap!) & snuggle with him :)
  • You BOTH look so happy with your "quick' little snuggle...
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