Doodlecation 2011

The puppy hauler is packed to the roof - we are strapped in and ready to go!

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  • oh good... I found the photo... I am thinking that Lilly will be at the most 35 lbs..what size should I order. or if you are buying the next size up..can I buy your old one?? thank you
  • So cute....They look quite content in their seats....would love to know where to get the seats..

  • They look so happy!! Love the car seats!
  • TOO cute!!!  Wish Tori would be such a great traveler!
  • this is too cute!!! I love their separate beds.
  • Great pic..  and I too, love those car seats!!  I am looking for a new car and now seeing all the gear, I may go with an SUV, just so I can get all her stuff in plus have room for ours!!!
  • How cute!  I love those car seats!  Where did you find those?  How are the brothers getting along these days?
  • @Laurie - the "boys" and I drove to Michigan & back for a 2 week doodlecation to see family and friends.  We have a codo there on Lake Michigan.

    @Lisa - between the ex-pen, the soft sided fold down crate, the food, bowls, toys - I hardly had room for my clothes & the wine - lol!

  • Really neat picture.  The buff colored puppy looks like our recent foster Doodle Zoe....

  • Jane, Where have you been and where are you going?  LOL Love the doodles in their car seats.
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