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  • Hi Jeanne,, I see your golden retriever and miss ours.  Yes after we lost Murphy we got Freddy, but that pic is a month or 2 old.  NOW Freddy is 6months and 60 pounds. I didnt expect him to get that  big.  He is a FB1. Apricot..  He is so lovable and full of energy. We are thinking of getting a chocolate one soon.  If you would like the smaller size you must get a miniature golden doodle.  You are going to love the no to low shedding part.   Happy puppy love search to you.  

  • Where did you find your doodle, this is the size I would like and the color! Sweet as can be!

  • These pics are so cute!! What a love bug you have!

  • so cuddly... so hugable, loveable,  i can see the love .

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