Fudge Sailor Girl

Fudge Sailor Girl

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  • Thanks, everyone. I guess I will have to cut my DD some slack about moving around so much. She is the one who took the picture. F, I will tell her!! You are right about Fudge. She always looks mad in pictures. I have seen great pictures of Luca!!

  • Laurie, I realized it just now after reading the blog. Tell you DD it is the best picture of Fudge, no doubt what you always see when you look at her. Luca takes bad pictures and it bothers me that no one can see his face as I do.

    Between the scenery behind Fudge her face and expression, high tail waving--just great.

  • Beautiful shot of Miss June in next year's calendar! She looks so happy!

  • F, You know who took it, not me :)

  • This is a beautiful shot.

  • Thanks to everyone for the nice comments!!! My DD is very jealous of their Harry Barker robes :)

  • This is one of the best shots I have ever seen of a happy doodle, this should be the June, July or August photo for the calendar for the nexy year...She looks so happy and sure of herself...She is loving it!!!!...Of course Vern looks great too...I love their robes, they are just too much...Their robes are nicer then mine, lol....

  • Love this!  She looks so happy!

  • Beautiful dog and beautiful light.

  • Linda, We think alike....I just tagged it that way :) I love this one of Fudge. It is so hard to get a good picture of her. Thank you!

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