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  • Awww, it will be sad to see it go. 

  • His nose was completely pink at birth. Sadly I think his pink dot will be completely gone soon as I noticed it's filling in. He's only 7.5 months old. I'm going to miss the pink dot
  • Got it! Adorable, Love the little pink spot!

  • Well, welcome to DK! Here are the instructions just in case: 


    Good question! Spud's mom, Joanne, put together a great visual tutorial here:

    If you like visuals, use her tutorial.  Otherwise, try the instructions below...

    1-- Upload your photo to the main photo page or your own page.

    2-- In the 'tag' section of the photo put in the tag that corresponds with the slide show theme (see list above).

    It's quite easy, actually. 

  • Thank you for the tip!  I'm a new member and don't know how to navigate this site yet :)

  • Michelle, I would love to add this to the slideshow! You just need to add the tag. Click the "button" up on the right that says "options" and you will get the dropdown that says "add tags". Thats where the Noses17 needs to be for me to find it among everyones photos and add it.

  • Noses17

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