gavin and the kittys

Went away to Jamaica for a week and was missing Gavin big-time, when the dog sitter posted this photo for me to see. Just what I needed to get through the rest of the vacation!

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  • What a love-boy. Sandra's helper on kitty-duty.
  • None of the cats Daisy could know stick around long enough to meet her...can't imagine why, Daisy would be the one running.

    Love Gavin's Sentry duty!

  • Gavin's got a new career as a cat guard dog!! Maybe Gav would like a kitty of his own...just sayin'..

  • You guys crack me up!  Should have been a snap, post and caption photo!  He loves these cats, even though he only gets to visit occasionally.  The one went missing for four hours when a delivery man came by and they said Gavin was all out of sorts.  Once the cat was recovered and returned to its rightful spot, Gavin spent the next 1.5 hours following the cat around the house.  He wasn't about to let that happen again!

  • I can see his tee shirt now.." My mom got to go to Jamaica and all I got was a stupid santa hat and to hang with a couple of cats" LOL

  • I can tell what those cats are thinking: "Typical dog--he gets humiliated in his hat and we get to lie on the furniture." ;)

  • Oh, how cute ! Gavin and his kitty's :) It would be interesting to know how many Doodle owners are also cat owners too. Finnley loves her kitty's !

  • OMD!

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