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  • P.S., congrats on the wt loss, that's awesome! I need to lose 25+, but it's so hard with fibromyalgia.
  • Asia's puppies are due June 1st, they will be F1b goldendoodles, as she was bred to a cream -apricot goldendoodle, so less chance of shedding and allergies. They are both approx 48 lbs., so "should" be smaller, but we can't guarantee that, as Toby is 68 lbs and Asia is 48 and 2 of their puppies are 90 lbs. +......King & Gunner. Holly just came in, so her puppies will be due around mid- June. We have a week to decide who we are breeding her to. They'll either be F1b as well, or dbl doodles. Expecting, cream, apricot, blk from both litters. Ck our website for updates : or friend me on Facebook, Kim Willett Burghart Have you tried bitter apple, or something similar for the chewing on furniture, or other things he's not supposed to be chewing on? Holly eats shoes, still, we thought she had quit until the other day when she got ahold of one of my heals during the night. We've had good luck with bitter apple, or stop chew. Gunner is just gorgeous! Blessings, Kim
  • He's still chewing! He goes through about 3 toys a week! haha I try to keep him stocked up so he doesn't chew anymore furniture! He's a whopping 95 lbs at our last vet check up... He's very popular at the vet clinic (we kennel him there too when we go out of town) People bring their big dogs (a great dane to be exact) and the women that work there bring their 10 and 11 year old kids. He's such a nut. He lost his manhood about a month ago :( It hasn't affected his personality at all and hasn't calmed him down like we thought it would either haha I cut all of his hair off by hand myself over a 4 day span about a month ago! It was too thick for clippers and I figured he'd behave better for me than anyone else. I was so frustrated by the end of it all I swear I'll never do it again!! haha Him and Kaigan are the best of friends. Kaigan usually hollers for GunGun when he wakes up in the mornings.. Kaigan loves him so much that he threw a T-Total Temper Tantrum melt down at the Lion's Den at the Memphis Zoo to get in there with them! He was kicking and screaming and crying all while saying "Ohhhh GunGun!! Ohhh GunGun!!" I guess he thought we locked him up there and were just gonna leave him haha It's funny now, it wasn't then while people looked at us and thought our kid was crazy. :) Casey's civilian job sold their business and the new owners didn't hire him on, so he's been gone for the past 5 months with the military. I never thought that Gunner would be my guard dog, but he is. There is no one he will let in this house he doesn't know. Parents come in and out of here all day everyday, but let a mother or father show up that normally doesn't and he's fighting, barking, mad to get out of our room to them. We've found out that Casey goes on Deployment at the beginning of next year. I found out one night and was crying (I'm talking emotional breakdown crying) you just hafta know crazy and hyper active he is... But he came over and was the most regal looking dog I've ever seen. He sat perfectly beside me and laid his face on my leg and just sat there as I cried. I think I cried more seeing him love me like that. I can't imagine going back and us not getting him. :) Oh goodness, I would so love to have another! But I know I just wouldn't have the time to devote to 2 of them! Please let me know, I have people all the time ask where we got him and want one of their own! I can post on my FB, my business page, and my spokesmodel page. Totally forgot to mention I've lost 90 pounds since October! I have my own local ad campaign and have become the spokesperson for the weight loss company! It spans over 7 states! :) I feel and look better than I ever have! I hope ALL of you are well haha I can't imagine the stories you could tell with all your little ones! Let me know about the puppies!

  • How's Gunner doing with the chewing up things? I hope he's better now. Holly is only about 45 lbs., but King is like 90lbs. He's in PA. We hope to have puppies again early in the summer if all goes as planned. Hope you are all doing well.
    Blessings, Kim
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