happy boater

happy boater

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  • Whatever your name is, you are one happy and handsom guy ;-)

  • BG, They have taken to calling Vern, Vernstein, so it might be Gavernstein :)

  • See all is good, now Gavern...in case I do it again.

  • I like that....Gavern :)

  • We shall call him "Gavern"!

  • LOL Lisa!! Proving once again that Vern has a doppleganger!

    p.s. I smile like this when I am out on the boat too ;)

  • What a great picture of this happy guy.

  • But of course...the camouflage life jacket LOL, what can I say it was 3 in the morning. Sorry.

  • Lisa, I am starting to get worried about you. This is Gavin!!

    Gavin, You do look pretty happy!!

  • Vern, you are the happiest Dood I know.

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