HELP with chronic diarrhea!

Our Sadie is 4 months old now. When we got her she had diarrhea but the vet told us it was maybe due to her diet which was purina puppy(which was what the breeder had her on) before we could transition her the diarrhea got worse and he prescribed flagyl. We also weaned her to blue chicken puppy. It temporarily got better while she was on it but she was back to loose puddles within days of completing the prescription. He put her on another round of flagyl and we also gave her a dose of panacur also and switched her food to blue lamb and oatmeal to see if chicken was an issue. The stools again got better while she was on the flagyl but she's back to 7 times a day of puddles of poop. I have another vet appt on Wednesday but wondered if anyone had any advice?

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  • I might of left it out because it was late when I posted but I did read a little about giardia so we also have her a dose of panacur. Didn't seem to help:( I hate to keep giving her meds since she's still a pup but ll the popping can't be good for her either. I will try to look at how to post discussions, I'm pretty new to this so I'm still learning how to navigate through here:) what is raw? I've read about it too but am confused by what raw diet means?
  • I had this issue and now feed a high quality high protein kibble and even better, I feed raw. Had to do my own research...vets just kept giving our dog medication too. Today with my girls mostly raw fed has cleared up the loose poo and ear infections. Teeth and gums look great too. Little support from most vets, but it works for us. for me to keep raw feeding easier I serve their food frozen...much less mess and they love it. Good luck with helping your cute darling.
  • I would do a search on Giardia. We have had tons of discussions on this subject, but I agree posting it as a discussion will get you a better response.

  • You might have more success by posting this as a discussion, either in the Health and Medical or the Food Group. That way more people will see your post and respond.
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