Hurley at his best - wet!

Hurley racing around the pool at a LV Doodle Romp

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  • Thank you :) He is named after a popular Japanese anime cartoon character Tony Tony Chopper.
    My husband and I are huge anime/video geeks.
    We have an inground pool that he wants nothing to do with. He will run around the pool and bark at us while we are in it. He is actually only 6 months so maybe that is why he is still afraid. I should put a baby pool out for him.

    That is so cute that Hurley has his routine down. What a good boy. They are so smart. I can see him peeking in the door :D "Mom! Towel please!"
    What brushes do you use on Hurley? I have a slicker that I don't like and two Chris Christensen wooden pin brushes plus a dematting comb. Plus a whole grooming kit of tricks I used on my horse /:)
    This is his coat now. Getting longer everyday. We put a life jacket on him just for fun and to quiet him down from running and barking around the pool. It The Adventures of water Rescue Dog /:)
    The jacket is mainly for the beach if we ever get him in the ocean. 3366386802?profile=original

  • Chopper looks so cute!! How did you come up with the name Chopper? It is intriguing. We bought Hurley a kid's wading pool and he spends a lot of time in it. When he wants to come in when he is wet, he peeks in the doggie door waiting until I give him permission to come in. When I tell him it is 'ok' he knows he must go right to his doggie bed "Place" (which is by the doggie door) staying there until I tell him it is okay to leave his 'Place" which is after he is not dripping but only wet. He caught onto that program extremely quickly. I will have to get a picture of him peeking in the doggie door. I have found it is important to brush him as soon as he is dry.

    Looking forward to hearing about Chopper's first swimming experience.

  • Great action shot! :D We too want to keep our boys coat long. Hurley is adorable. I think our Chopper (7months old) will be of similar size and coat type. Also hoping our boy will eventually like the water like yours does. :)

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