I am a tall doodle

Very tall

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  • Oh sorry I forgot to add, no we only have one doodle. Why do you ask?
  • hahaha:) I would take Huff on a trail. He would probably be fine there. Huff doesn't really like the water unless it is the beach. He once feel in our pool somehow and he got out before he got too wet. He loves running in the waves at the beach though.:) Weird... That is noce that he is cautious about what he eats. That might save you a few emergency room visits haha:) Huff will destroy things when he gets bored... Huff doesn't care much for lettuce but he will eat it. We cook his food at home and he hardly wants to eat that. He is a very finnicky eater. He will eat any trat you give him though. Just not his dinner. We call him a junk food junkie:) Huff's mom is a golden retriever too. His dad was a white standard poodle. His mom's name was Jessie Tawny Treasure and his dad was Bodacious Buck:) Bob Marley? How funny:) So Oliver will be a very smart puppy haha:) Oh yes, they are very much celebrities. Wait until your puppy grows up and gets really fluffy and curly, you won't be able to walk 5 feet without being stopped with him! A lot of people mistake Huff for an Old English Sheep dog. I sometimes feel like I have to make a recording, "He is a golden retriever standard poodle mix. A Goldendoodle. He is almost 2. He is a boy, his name is Huff with an H." hahaha:) One time he even got a girl (human) who said she wanted to marry him! hahaha:) I would too:) jk Huff could go outside to play but then he would want to come back in if nobody was outside with him. Maybe you should get him a puzzle toy. There is one called a BusterCube but that is pretty noisy. If you want something quieter you can get a Kong genius toy. they are much quieter when he starts to kick them around. Huff never cared much for the classic kong toy. You want to know what a real life saver was for us when Huff was a puppy was the Everlasting treat ball. It is pretty expensive but it lasts and lasts. You can buy the treats made for the ball or put some little ones of your own in but that is too easy. I prefer the treats that are made for the ball. They last a long time and will keep him busy for hours. He will probably get some exercise from it too. It will help clean his teeth. It is the best treat puzzle toy ever. If you want to get it, I would get it in the large size because then you will be prepared for whatever size he becomes. Here is a picture of Huff with it in his mouth. It doesn't have the treat in it yet though

    3365476633?profile=originalHuff doesn't cry when we come home though. He just gets really excited and kind of starts grunting haha:) I forgot to add that there is also this ball called a Jolly ball that is great for chasing (is probably better for outside but can be used inside if you don't have many breakables) Oliver will most likely love that ball. Does he like balls? Huff's favorites are squeaky tennis balls. What games does Oliver like to play? Sorry for such a long comment...

  • Yes, we had a brittnay spaniel. I wouldn't say hyper, but very adventurous, but not very smart. lol! I take Oliver on the trail, so we don't have to worry about streets, but he doesn't venture off the trail at all. Our other dog would've been in the creek!

    He doesn't steal things, but if the girls leave papers or books, he pretty much destroys them. He seems pretty causious about what he eats though, which is good. Our brittnay would've eaten anything, except lettuce, which Oliver loves. Strange how dogs can be so different.

    Oliver has a retriever mom and a poodle dad. Both parents are standard, but on the smaller side. His dad is a hilarious looking black poodle. Looks like Bob Marley! lol The owners/breeders say he's the smartest dog they've ever known. They told us this after we purchased Oliver, so it wasn't a sales tactic.

    We've found that goldendoodles are quite the celebrities though. Everytime we take him out he grabs attention from so many people. They ask to take his picture, the ask all sorts of questions about him. We even had a lady hunt us down to find out where we got him! Too funny. Everyone comments on how well behaved he is as well, but I think this next stage may prove otherwise. jk  I do wish that he would go outside and play though. He has to be with people. He goes outside sometimes to watch the birds, but never to run and search. That was nice about our Brittnay. She was quite content by herself and ran like crazy outside. I think Oliver isn't getting enough playtime and that may be effecting his behavior too. It's been cold and rainy the past few days, so we haven't walked much. My husband and the kids rough house with him in the evenings to work off some energy. It's just very different how attached to us he is. He seriously cries for a minute or so after we return home and release him from his kennel. I've never seen anything like it.

    Now do you have 3 doods?
  • I think spaniels are a little too hyper for me haha:) Or did you mean that Brittnay was her name? I wish I could take walks with Huff off leash. I probably could but I wouldn't want him to go in the street. I know he wouldn't get to far from me but he might think that he is close enough to me when he is walking in the street. He is a good doodle too:) Does Oliver steal things to get attention? That is what Huff does if he wants attention and he does it right after he finishes eating. He was kind of little when you got him. Is he mixed with a golden retriever and poodle or is he mixed with a goldendoodle and a poodle, or even a goldendoodle with a golden retriever? Or is he a labradoodle?
  • We got Oliver when he was 9 weeks and weighed 10 lbs. It's a good thing he's cute and I love him, because I just can't imagine having a large dog! lol! Our brittnay was 50, but she wasn't the smartest dog and a whole lot of work. I can take Oliver for walks without a leash and he stays right with me. He LOVES to be around people. He's starting  his mischievious stage. lol Hope it doesn't last long. He's still a great dog though. :)
  • Thanks hahaha:) They told us he was only get to be about 65 pounds but he is about 82 lbs now!:) He was about 15 lbs when we got him at 8 weeks.:) He is probably going to be bigger than 50 lbs. It is actually kind of funny because we were originally going to get a standard poodle but thought they were a little too big at 85 lbs and since doodles were supposed to be about 65 lbs, they were perfect! :) I am so glad I got a doodle anyways though.:)
  • WOW! He is tall!! How big is your dood?

    We were told to expect Oliver to be around 40-50 lbs. He's now 16 weeks and about 25 lbs. I think they may have been mistaken! lol!

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