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  • Awww...  The perfect fall photo!

  • Thank you Sheila! It was just a 30 gallon trash bag and it wasnt quite full so that we could flatten it around our luggage. Your Finnley is just precious! 

  • This is a really nice picture, and Daphne is a beautiful doodle ! You certainly packed a lot of leaves to bring home ! lol :) Great idea.

  • Lol! Well, leaves do keep a whole lot better than snow! They don't hold that beautiful color for very long though on the heat.

  • Wow Lori, that's so creative. I tried to bring a cooler of snow the 2 hour drive to New York City one winter so a friend could photograph her Yorkie but had slush and enough snow for a small snowball lol.

  • The funniest part is....we live in Florida! The leaves were imported from North Carolina. We went there last week but couldn't take Daphne with us. I brought the leaves home with us so I could take some fall pictures.

  • Very sweet it!

  • Awww Thanks! It's hard to get a good shot of her. She doesn't always cooperate!

  • How cute is that!   Great picture ad adorable Doodle:)

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