Jackdoodle Sits "Sloppy"

I can't believe she woke me up and took my photo looking like this! All for a stupid DK slideshow! Bet Adina doesn't even choose me, she never chooses me....mumble, grumble

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  • Jack looks very relaxed but a little put out! :) Love his sloppy sit!
  • Oh, Jack...I think you need a plan. I know you're really good at sneaking on your Mom's computer and sending posts to all your Doodle friends. How are you with a camera? Any chance you could get a shot of your Mom "sitting sloppy" in the next day? If you can get just the right shot, I'll help you post it on the slideshow. You are already a hero to my Doods, and if you could accomplish that you would clearly be the "king" of DK land.
  • Oh Jack, I feel your pain. You look maahhvalous as usual, anyway.
  • I'm so embarrassed! I was sleeping! How would my mom like it if I posted a photo of her when she first wakes up?
    Thanks for trying to make me feel better!
  • Bad hair day, Jack? You look Adorable to us.
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