Jaxson 2016.7.2

Jaxson 2016.7.2

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  • We miss his groomer in Pasadena, Nancy, so much! She loved Jaxson so it will take a while to get used to someone new. But it is cute that she takes pictures of the dogs after their groom. Maybe we can meet you on the beach when you come to Hawaii!
  • Wow, what a great grooming place! I bet Jaxson feels much cooler with the shorter cut. I know Cooper is always so hot when I leave his coat long. He had his summer cut three weeks ago.

    I wish we can go to Hawaii again, maybe next year! :)
  • Thank you, Jenny! This was his first Hawaii grooming so I was nervous. I asked her to take him shorter to make it easier! She actually took this picture. She takes pics of all the dogs after grooming! Yes, the tie is cute. Aloha!
  • Forgot to say...love the tie! Lol
  • Hi Janet! I love this picture of Jaxson! Such a handsome boy. Nice summer cut too! :)
  • LOL! That would be good! But no, his name is Don!
  • Jaxson, you have grown into a very handsome Dood! I love the names (Janet, Jaxson, and ... is hubby's name Michael, by chance? :O)

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