Let's Play Ball!

Let's Play Ball!

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  • Great action shot of a very smoochable face!
  • what a gorgeous dog! awesome colour :)

  • Carol...this is an amazing photo of Banjo...how precious!

  • I love Banjo!! I hope Henry looks just like him when he grows up! 

  • Wow!   I hope this was a calendar submission.  I love this!!

  • Love the color!

  • AWESOME!!!

  • LOL...you are on fire tonight :) Fudge is gonna get a Jolly Ball this week! We need to get these two together and get a fabulous shot and then rub it show it to Gina :)

  • Carol, Get your mind out of the gutter. I just meant we need to BUY Fudge bigger balls :) Whatever did you think I meant? LOL

  • I can see Fudge needs a bigger ball :) Banjo's balls are bigger :)

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