Liam kayaking

Liam kayaking

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  • I love, love, love this beautiful and he looks so contented & happy to tag along!

  • It depends on the kayak. Liam sits/lays anywhere he can find a little bit of flat space. So, sometimes he's in front of me and sometimes he just hangs out in the back tankwell. When he's in the back tankwell, I put an extra lifevest down in the tankwell to provide a little cushion.

    He also goes stand-up paddleboarding with me.

    PS. He gets a lot of kayaking practice since his day job is to be the shop dog at a kayak shop. :) My boyfriend owns a kayak shop on the Colorado River in Austin, TX.

  • I've been wondering if I dog could fit in a kayak. Can he ride in front of you as well?

  • This is such a great pic!! Your doodle has quite a life!

  • I love this picture! Soooo cute!

  • This is such a cute shot.  I hope I can teach my doodle to kayak with me this next summer.

  • Great picture. We kayak with our dogs, too!

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