Life is BETTER with a Brother!

Life is BETTER with a Brother!

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  • Jane, I have two F1 Goldendoodles. Kona has a refined, all-over, even wave/curl look and Owen looks like "Little Richard"! Talk about scruffy! Kona's hair is much more like Rooney's than Owen or Stuart's. With the F1's you never know what you will get!

  • Mugging for the camera!

  • I think this photo is a good one for people wanting to see (in the face at least) the difference between a Goldendoodle and an ALD.  Stuart has that scruffy, goofy look and Rooney is more refined.  Good thing I adore them both because I could never prefer one over the other!!!

  • They look like hey are smiling. I really want to get Huff a brother.

  • How did you ever get this photos? I cannot imagine instructing my two to do anything at the same time. They even have similar expressions on their faces! Remarkably cute guys.

  • Too cute...

  • They are so darn cute!!!!

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