Molly and Curt

Molly now around 5 months. She is a real arm load but doesn't object too much as she loves to be touched. Again, right after a good bath and brush.

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  • What a cute picture!

  • it's possible that certain parts of the coat will change and not others. It's like unraveling this beautiful mystery :-)
  • P.S. The hair on her back is really curly! It is a strange mix of curly and straight with longer blond hairs mingles with shorter very curly golden strands. I read in one person's comments that around one year old, something happens that changes it. I'm not sure what that is yet and am curious to find out what. Will one type leave or change?
  • She is pretty much the same but with longer hair. My wife cut the hair around her eyes as she was beginning to look more like an English Sheepdog. I would like to get back to this look but don't know how to do it yet. I don't want to sheer her like a poodle but don't want her to be unusually hairy either. Does your dog look like this? How old is it? How do you cut it, or have you? I don't know if her hair will just continue to grow or what. Thanks for the nice comment. We are very proud of her and we, just like I'm sure every other Doodle owner does, get lots of comments about her all asking what she is and wanting to pet her. I guess all these Doodles are very extroverted and love people as she goes right to them and usually jumps up on them; a bad habit we are still in process of trying to break. Most dog lovers don't mind and the kids just love her. I'm so glad we got her as she brings a bit of joy to everyone she meets (who likes dogs that is).
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